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Getting Started

This doc is a simple tutorial to show how to use this library to get data from YouTube DATA API.

You can get the whole description for YouTube API at YouTube API Reference.


At the beginning. You need to create a Google Project by your google account.

Every new account has 12 project to cost.

Create your project

Click the Select a project-> NEW PROJECT to create a new project to use our library.

Fill the basic info to finish created.


Enable YouTube DATA API service

Once the project created, the browser will redirect project home page.

Then click the ≡≡ symbol on the left top. Chose the APIs & Services tab.

You will see follow info.


Click the + ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES symbol. And input YouTube DATA API to search.


Then chose the YouTube DATA API item.


Then click the ENABLE blue button. Now the service has been activated.

Create credentials

To use this API, you may need credentials. Click 'Create credentials' to get started.


You need to fill in some information to create credentials.

Just chose YouTube DATA API v3, Other non-UI (e.g. cron job, daemon) and Public data.

Then click the blue button What credentials do I need? to create.


Now you have generated one api key.

Use this key. You can retrieve public data for YouTube data by our library

from pyyoutube import Client

cli = Client(api_key="your api key")

If you want to get some examples to see, check out the examples.

If you have an opens source application using python-youtube, send me a link, and I am very happy to add a link to it here.

But if you want to get user data by OAuth. You need create the credential for OAuth client ID.

And get more info at next page for Authorization.