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List lookup

~~This List lookup group has two available endpoints. You are able to retrieve a specified List by ID and get details on user-owned Lists. With the Lists endpoints, you can build solutions that enable people to curate and organize Tweets based on preferences, interests, groups, or topics.

You can use either OAuth 1.0a User Context or OAuth 2.0 Bearer Token to authenticate to these endpoints. If you choose to use OAuth 1.0a User Context, use the Access Tokens associated with a user that has authorized your App. You can generate Access Tokens using the 3-legged OAuth flow.

You can get more information for this at docs

Lookup a specific list by ID

Returns the details of a specified List.

# Response(data=TwitterList(id='1403322685870940160', name='SNS-sdks'))

Lookup a user's owned Lists

Returns all Lists owned by the specified user.

api.get_user_owned_lists(user_id="User ID")
# Response(data=[TwitterList(id='1403322685870940160', name='SNS-sdks')])