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Following users is one of the most foundational actions on Twitter.

Twitter offer two sets of endpoint groups to help you lookup, create, and delete follow relationships: follows lookup and manage follows.

You can get more information for this at docs

Follows lookup

Get users are following by target user

api.get_following(user_id="2244994945", max_results=5)
# Response(data=[User(id='459860328', name='julie✨', username='JulieMendoza206'), User(id='273830767', name='🄿🅄🅂🄷', username='rahul_pushkarna')...])

Get users are following the target user

api.get_followers(user_id="2244994945", max_results=5)
# Response(data=[User(id='715131097332518912', name='Daniel', username='RGIDaniel'), User(id='1176323137757048832', name='Joyce Wang', username='joycew67')...])

Manage Follows

Those api need user access token.

Follow a user

my_api.follow_user(user_id=my_api.auth_user_id, target_user_id="target user id")
# {'data': {'following': True, 'pending_follow': False}}

Unfollow a user

my_api.unfollow_user(user_id=my_api.auth_user_id, target_user_id="target user id")
# {'data': {'following': False}}