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Manage Lists

The manage List endpoints allow you to create, delete, and update Lists on behalf of an authenticated user.

For these endpoints, there are three methods available: POST, DELETE and PUT. The POST method allows you to create a List, the DELETE method allows you to delete a List, and the PUT method allows you to update the metadata of a List.

There is a user rate limit of 300 requests per 15 minutes for all three endpoints.

You can get more information for this at docs

Note that you can create up to 1000 Lists per account.

Create a list

Enables the authenticated user to create a List.

# TwitterList(id='1451603640167194629', name='pytwitter')

Update a list

Enables the authenticated user to update the meta data of a specified List that they own.

my_api.update_list(list_id="1448302476780871685", name="lists for tw")
# {'updated': True}

Delete a list

Enables the authenticated user to delete a List that they own.

# {'data': {'deleted': True}}