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The manage blocks endpoints enable you to block or unblock a specified user on behalf of an authenticated user.

For this endpoint group, there are two methods available POST and DELETE. The POST method allows you to block a user, and the DELETE method will enable you to unblock.

You can get more information for this at docs


You can block a user

my_api.block_user(user_id=my_api.auth_user_id, target_user_id="target user id")
# {'data': {'blocking': True}}

Unblock a user

my_api.unblock_user(user_id=my_api.auth_user_id, target_user_id="target user id")
# {'data': {'blocking': False}}

You can get users who are blocked by you.

# Response(data=[User(id='1065249714214457345', name='Spaces', username='TwitterSpaces'), User(id='783214', name='Twitter', username='Twitter')])