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Streaming endpoint delivers Tweet objects through a persistent HTTP GET connection.

And now has two different api.

For this library, provide StreamApi independent. Same as main Api, You need initial it first. You can see some Examples for it.

from pytwitter import StreamApi
stream_api = StreamApi(bearer_token="bearer token")
# or use consumer key and secret
# stream_api = StreamApi(consumer_key="consumer key", consumer_secret="consumer secret")

Sampled stream

The sampled stream endpoint delivers a roughly 1% random sample of publicly available Tweets in real-time.


Filtered stream

If you want filter the stream tweets, You need add rules for api.

np = {
    "add": [
        {"value": "cat has:media", "tag": "cats with media"},
        {"value": "cat has:media -grumpy", "tag": "happy cats with media"}
stream_api.manage_rules(rules=np, dry_run=True)
# Response(data=[StreamRule(id='1370406958721732610', value='cat has:media -grumpy'), StreamRule(id='1370406958721732609', value='cat has:media')])

Then use api