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List Tweets lookup

List Tweets lookup has one available endpoint to retrieve Tweets from a specified List. With this endpoint, you can build solutions that enable users to customize, organize and prioritize the Tweets they see in their timeline.

You can use either OAuth 1.0a User Context or OAuth 2.0 Bearer Token to authenticate to these endpoints. If you choose to use OAuth 1.0a User Context, use the Access Tokens associated with a user that has authorized your App. You can generate Access Tokens using the 3-legged OAuth flow.

You can get more information for this at docs

Lookup Tweets from a specified List

Returns a list of Tweets from the specified List.

# Response(data=[Tweet(id=1458088293904654340, text=Simple tweet from python-twitter-v2....), Tweet(id=1301154770489499650, text=Hey this is new begin.)])